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Bowling for CUPAC '08

Here are some pictures from the 5th Tallahassee Chapter Bowling Challenge.
Click a thumbnail to enlarge.

bowl08/100_1916.JPG bowl08/100_1918.JPG bowl08/100_1915.JPG bowl08/100_1914.JPG
bowl08/100_1913.JPG bowl08/100_1912.JPG bowl08/100_1909.JPG bowl08/100_1908.JPG
bowl08/100_1903.JPG bowl08/100_1899.JPG bowl08/100_1898.JPG bowl08/100_1896.JPG
bowl08/100_1895.JPG bowl08/100_1894.JPG bowl08/100_1890.JPG bowl08/100_1886.JPG
bowl08/100_1885.JPG bowl08/100_1882.JPG